In the Central part of Western Europe, globally-organized supply chains have been thriving for the last eight years in a high-end environment: since 2005, more than one hundred companies have established themselves at the Borchwerf II Business Area in the Netherlands. As an important gateway to EMEA region, Borchwerf II is surrounded by the maritime and intermodal terminals of the Rotterdam and Antwerp main ports. The footprint of the 275-hectare business area is spacious: approximately half of the area has been sold to companies in construction-ready sites. The other half is used for roads, landscaping, and water.

At this moment, 11 hectares of construction-ready sites are immediately available. For sales, we cooperate closely with a number of international brokers and developers. The Netherlands has a 400-year-old worldwide history of trading, and we take pride in our system of tax regulations and efficient customs service, and also in our healthy labor market. There is an active business area management system and the main European cities are located nearby. If you would like more information, please let us know.

Substantial Growth in European Distribution of US Retail Products

31-03-2014, Door: J.J. de Bruin

In some parts of the US, businesses are facing saturated markets, and are therefore forced to look for new opportunities elsewhere. Thresholds to entering the European marketplace have always been low. More than 500 million consumers live in Europe, with the densest concentration of population located in Western Europe. Within a radius of 200 to 300 kilometers around the Netherlands, average disposable income is higher than in the US. Jochum Haakma, Board Member of the American Chamber of Commerce and currently also Global Executive Director Business Development at TMF Group (offices in 81 countries), serving FDI companies all over the world: “In recent times, we have seen a significant increase in the European distribution of retail products from the US. Nowhere in the world do American companies invest as much as in the Netherlands: a total of more than 500 billion in the past decade. Historically, we have fostered a society here that is open to foreign investors, and welcomes them with open arms. 75% of our GNP is directly dependent on foreign countries. We are a service economy for international business: at this time, 9,500 foreign invested companies are located in the Netherlands.”

An Attractive Market for Innovative Products and Services

There are opportunities for every company with a strong innovative product or service that is backed by excellent customer support. Jochum Haakma: “We are seeing a focus on efficiency in the organization of supply chains; a developing trend is the concentration of various activities in multiple countries at a single European distribution center. At Business Park Borchwerf II in the Netherlands, US companies PVH/Warnaco, Forever Direct EU, CEVA Logistics and Terex have established a single distribution center as their gateway to Europe, the Middle East and Africa."

Excellent access to international maritime and continental supply chains

Jochum Haakma: “Conveniently located between the international ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp at 50 kilometers, and the port of Moerdijk at 17 kilometers, Business Park Borchwerf provides excellent access to international maritime and continental supply chains by road, water and rail in this part of the world. It is an attractive, spacious location with surroundings rich in greenery and waterways. A small airfield provides easy access to the surrounding main airports of Europe. In addition, staff qualified in VAL activities is available, as well as a consolidation of regional facilities, including excellent international education."

An attractive location for international companies

"In addition to the advantages of customs facilities, tax rulings, and structural consultations with trade unions in the Netherlands, Business Park Borchwerf II provides an attractive location for international companies to establish themselves in this part of the world. In addition, the international airport of Schiphol, as well as major cities such as Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Brussels and Paris, are close by. They can be reached within two hours by freeway, high speed rail, and airplane.” Do you want more information about the possibilities at the Borchwerf II Business Area: please let us know.

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